When it’s your first day at work and FAIL

Check out the video below as this car on the back of the flatbed truck ends up rolling out of control when the tow truck operator clings to the bottom of it, praying for dear life that the car doesn’t get away and it looks like he’s able to use his body weight to slow the car down and bring ...

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[Video] Man Rents Tank To Destroy His Old Truck

The Demolition Ranch YouTube channel lives up to its name with a recent video showcasing the ultimate demise of Matt’s 17-year-old pickup. Wanting to give his old workhorse and epic send-off, Matt found access to a tank. There’s a lot of talking before the action begins so skip ahead to the 5:00 minute mark to see them shoot the truck, ...

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John Deer Tractor Owns Ford Truck in Tug of War

It’s rare that you see a mini ride on tractor own a fully loaded truck at a game of tug of war. Well I guess it’s a common trait for Fords to get beat by everything else. Either the tractor was crazy supped up or the truck has something seriously wrong with it. Be sure to check out the video ...

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