When Army Trucks Fail Their Brake Tests, They Fail HARD!

It’s always important to test the limits of what military vehicle can do. As with anything that moves, you need to test just how well you can stop it! Check out the brutal conditions for testing Army truck brakes and watch what happens when this particular truck isn’t up to snuff!  

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Here is What Officers Will Focus On During This Years 72 Hour Roadcheck

When was the last time you checked your tires? Are they up to legal standard? It’s time to get them checked before law enforcement does. This year’s the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 29th annual Roadcheck Inspection  will take place from June 7th-June 9th. For 72 hours, thousands of trucks will be stopped and inspected for safety purposes. This year’s inspection ...

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We’re not sure what led up to this event, but the aftermath is certainly nothing short of a headache for whoever the owner of this Cadillac Escalade is. We join in as the tow truck has arrived to pull the truck from its watery grave and the sight isn’t pretty as the luxury SUV is slowly rolled out of the abyss. ...

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