If carving through the snow is your game, then a snowmobile might just possibly be the best vehicle to get it done as it is engineered to take on the elements when they are covered with snow, using a track and a pair of rails to slice through the wintry scenery.

This time, however, we catch up with someone who had a snowmobile and pictured the ideal snow machine in such a way that was a little bit less than traditional. Instead of rocking out with the rails up front, these guys decided to forgo them in place of a beefy set of wheels.

When you set up the ultimate snow rig, who is better to head out there and give it a test than Santa Claus himself? That’s exactly what we see here as Santa hops onboard and tests out this machine. The end result doesn’t go so well, though.

Check out the initial mission of this snowmobile turned snowmo-wheel down below. Depending on the terrain, we would think that something like this could most definitely give a traditional snowmobile a run for its money!


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