Breathtaking Bike Cruise on the Roads of Miami


Are you ready to take an online cruise on the roads of one of the most beautiful cities of Unites States? A group of motorcycle and ATV riders takes over the streets of Miami, do wheelies and have a barrel of fun with badass bikes and pretty girls. That must be really enjoyable to spend a day with these cool ...

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Layoffs hit Struggling ”Harley-Davidson”

3d rendering of a metallic Harley Davidson logo over an orange surface with two large engine pistons sitting on it

Harley-Davidson, facing falling motorcycle sales around the world, said on Tuesday it plans to streamline its operations, reorganize and reduce its workforce during the fourth quarter in a move that will cost the company $20 million to $25 million. The motorcycle manufacturer cited continued slowed US motorcycle industry growth as the main factor for weaker retail sales. Harley-Davidson did not ...

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Being a Biker Could Mean Losing Your Gun Rights


He is a hard working family man, a degree professional, and has never been charged with a crime. Recently, while riding his motorcycle, and wearing his club colors, he was pulled over by police in Fort Worth for failure to signal before changing lanes. He immediately gave the police his CHL, his license and insurance. But the real motive of ...

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(Warning Graphic) Ouch: Biker Gets Instant Karma!


Sometimes being the tough guy means being the crying douche on the side of the road. Karma is swift or it may take days months or years, but sooner or later will get you. Biker hits his right leg in metal garbage disposal, after showing middle finger to a car driver who was in front of him and not paying ...

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This Mining Truck Shows Off Its Unique Steering System


The next time you see some perfectly drown circles on the ground near the mines, do not blame it on aliens first. It is not a phenomenon at all and it could possibly done by one of these trucks, The MT-240 truck by EFT. ETF developed a unique steering system. All wheels are steered at low to medium speeds reducing ...

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Baddest Lincoln Continental Of All Time


You taught Snoop Dogg have the badest pimp car in the country? Well, you’ve get that wrong because this 1964 Lincoln Continental is just off the hook. Large wheels, low profile tires, red interior, suicide doors and the looks of the baddest hot rod that ever roamed the earth. It is hard to guess what is possible to be done ...

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